How to Elevate Your Rental Listing Game

Virtual Staging

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Virtual Staging

A typical rental property on the MLS looks fantastic, right? The property is clean, nicely furnished, and decorated, the Real Estate Agent has taken professional photos, there’s a great description, it has been blasted to dozens of websites, has an excellent marketing campaign and it’s all backed up by a hard-working Realtor.  Realistically though, perhaps you’ve been fortunate enough to find the last, but it’s unlikely they’ve provided the rest.

Equal Care for All Real Estate Listings

Much like an oil change for a car dealership and a bag of milk at your local convenience store, rental listings are loss-leaders.  After fixed expenses and time, they typically aren’t worth doing for that single transaction.  This is why you’ll find many rental listings have had little-to-no effort put into them.

Remember, though; we’re talking about somebody’s retirement fund, their biggest investment, and asset. So, how do you go the extra mile to make your listing stand out? Staging.  No, not regular staging; it’s simply not feasible.  In fact, the Realtor’s commission would only cover a fraction of the cost; we’re talking about virtual staging.

Not only does staging make a property look better, but it allows buyers/tenants to appreciate the flow, function, and size of the property. They can more easily picture themselves enjoying the space, watching a movie, cooking a meal, and entertaining friends, which ultimately leads them to fall in love. Whether you’re selling a car, a pen, or a property for rent, quality marketing, and presentation always produce better results.

How Does Virtual Staging Work?

It’s really quite easy, and EXTREMELY well-suited to rental properties, specifically those that are vacant.  For a very reasonable cost, virtual staging allows us to take our professional photos and have furniture, decor, and accessories super-imposed over the image, making it appear fully staged.  I’m talking about artwork, table accessories, books, lamps, and shower curtains –literally everything.  The best part is, you now have the photos for future use.  If you need to list the home again in the future and your tenant isn’t overly co-operative or tidy, you can throw up these awesome photos to market the property again.

This strategy will really make your property stand out from the crowd by making a great first impression online.  It’s especially helpful in new-construction condos where you’re likely to have many other units listed at the same time.  It’s often just enough to get an online viewer to stop scrolling, click on your property, and subsequently visit in-person. It draws more attention and eyes in your direction.  This gives you a bigger pool of prospective tenants to choose from.

Don’t settle for smartphone pictures and a sign on the lawn. Higher a professional and get your investment working for you.



Virtual Staging Before

Virtual Staging After

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