Tiffany Kadak

Administrative Assistant

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MEET Tiffany Kadak

My Origin Story

I was born in Mississauga, moved to Oakville about 10 years later, and then 8 years later moved to Guelph. I’ve always loved everything home-related, interior design, picking out things for renovations, etc. My love of driving around for hours and looking at nice houses is actually what led me to find the home I currently live in. I always knew growing up watching HGTV I wanted to do something related to buying/selling/fixing homes. During the pandemic, I decided I no longer wanted a “safe” office job and wanted to get my license in real estate. I hope to continue pursuing my dreams and eventually become a realtor/house flipper! I think living in multiple homes that we’ve continuously renovated one way or another has taught me a lot, and spending Saturdays installing baseboards, painting trim or holding the flashlight while my dad teaches me how to change a light fixture played a role in my life’s journey.

What’s Your Favourite Food?

SUSHI – I love it.

Where Would We Find you on a Hot Summer’s Day?

Ideally, by the beach or a pool.

Where Would We find You on a Cold Winter’s Day?

Curled up by a fireplace.

Early Bird or Night Owl?

I am definitely a night owl. I do not like waking up early unless it’s to catch a plane to go on vacation.

What’s Your Favourite Movie?

I love Pixar movies, LOL. I’ve seen them all multiple times.

What Does Your Forever Home Look Like?

My forever home is a ranch-style bungalow with 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 3 car garage, and a walk-out basement on two to five acres of land—plenty of room for dogs to run and kids to play.


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