Chris Behie


Milton Real Estate Agent Chris Behie

MEET Chris Behie

After having sold several homes with our team, Chris experienced everything we offer first-hand and was determined to be a part of our real estate team. He was one of the top-performing Toyota Canada employees for many years and, after multiple promotions, he reached the ceiling and it was time for a career change.

Chris is a valuable member of our real estate team. His clients really appreciate his excellent communication skills and his ability to negotiate at a high level. Having young children himself, Chris fully understands the challenges that come with buying and selling with kids, since he’s done it 5 times over the last 8 years, and will be a breath of fresh air as he helps you do the same.

He’s always in hustle mode –especially at work, but at home too. Chris resides in Milton with his wife Jennifer and their boys James and Clay, and they keep him just as busy as we do!


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