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Tell Us Your Origin Story

I was born and raised for most of my early years in Georgetown, Ontario. A small, close-knit community where everyone knows everyone and I loved it! When I got a bit older my parents divorced and we moved around ALOT! I ended up going to 5 different high schools, needless to say I learned how to adapt well to different settings and situations. After all the chaos subsided we ended up settling down in Milton, where I fell in love with the community and the people so much so that I ended up finding my partner and starting a family here. My husband and I bought our first home in 2011 at the age of  22; it wasn’t an easy road but we made it happen and 2 homes and 2 kids later we are still here in Milton and loving it. I was a stay at home mom for 7 years, when both my kids were in school full time I decided that it was time to focus on my goals and dreams. I’ve always had an interest in real estate and wanted to be able to help people find their “dream home,” so I began the Humber Real Estate course! Of course COVID came along and I found myself at home again with the kids, teaching them while teaching myself. It was a bumpy road at times but I finished the course and I can say that I am really proud of myself for sticking it out. I could have given up or pushed the pause button but I didn’t; I kept going, and I can now proudly call myself a REALTOR!

Let’s Talk Food

I have an interesting relationship with food. See I have celiac disease, meaning I cannot consume any type of gluten. Pre diagnoses I probably would have said a big greasy slice of pizza. Post diagnoses my food palate had changed significantly, I lean towards naturally gluten free foods, like a nice steak, or a perfectly grilled piece of fish. YUM! However, if I had to pick one thing that I couldn’t live without it would be a smoothie bowl, I have one almost everyday, they are so delicious and nutritious.

What Are You Up To on a Hot Summer’s Day

Lounging pool side, music playing with a nice cold beverage.

Where Would we Find You on a Cold Winter Day?

Inside, in front of the fireplace, in warm sweats with a hot coffee.

Early bird or Night Owl?

Both actually! I can stay up all night bingeing Netflix or having drinks with friends but as soon as the clock hits 6:45 am I am jumping out of bed. Even on the weekends.

Favourite Movie

Grease! Love it, always will.

Ideal forever home

Large home (about 3,000 SQFT), on a good sized lot, in a rural setting, but still close to town. Private, trees bordering the entire lot, in ground pool. Love a modern farmhouse look! Open concept, large kitchen overlooking the family room with high ceilings and wood beams. Floor to ceiling windows throughout. And of course a dream primary bedroom with a beautiful ensuite.


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