Using Home Automation to Sell Your House

If you ask one-hundred people where to invest money in a house to get the best ROI, ninety-nine of them will say “Kitchens and Bathrooms.”  And they’re right, for the most part. However, with increased popularity in home automation, these gadgets are now among the top things on our personal list of how to increase […]

Ten Times Your Investment

Did you know that it DOESN’T take tens of thousands of dollars to freshen up your home? Well, it’s a true story and it brings us to our review of episode 48 of #KTQuickTips! When you’re considering freshening up your home (whether for yourself or for sale) it’s always good to know which items will […]

How to Pick The Perfect Paint Colour

It’s simple, hire a professional! You’re reading this because you, like 90% of the population, can’t decide which of the 1000 shades of white or 1,000,000 other colours look best with your brown floors and off-white kitchen cabinets, let alone the couch and accessories. Selecting the right paint colour is an art form; one best […]