Ten Times Your Investment

Jennifer Goncalves

Jennifer Goncalves

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Did you know that it DOESN’T take tens of thousands of dollars to freshen up your home?

Well, it’s a true story and it brings us to our review of episode 48 of #KTQuickTips! When you’re considering freshening up your home (whether for yourself or for sale) it’s always good to know which items will give you a good return on investment (ROI). We’re here to help you freshen up your home for just a little bit of money and get you ten-times your return when it comes time to sell.


One of the items that we often recommend to our clients is painting, which can give you a high impact for a low cost. Not only do we suggest painting your walls, but also any dated cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms. Painting these cabinets can take your ten-year-old kitchen or bathroom and make it look new again. We’ve sold homes where we have recommended having this, it not only makes it look new again but if you choose light, neutral colors, it can actually also make the room look bigger. If you haven’t painted cabinets before, it’s good to understand that it’s not an easy task, so you may want to hire a professional. We would be more than happy to refer someone that can get this done for you -> call us directly at 1-800-617-0090 or flip us a quick e-mail at info@kormendytrott.com.

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