Using Home Automation to Sell Your House

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If you ask one-hundred people where to invest money in a house to get the best ROI, ninety-nine of them will say “Kitchens and Bathrooms.”  And they’re right, for the most part. However, with increased popularity in home automation, these gadgets are now among the top things on our personal list of how to increase the value and how to pull at the heartstrings of those techie buyers.

One of the BIGGEST FAILS we see in today’s market is that home automation gadgets are not showcased when a house is for sale. If a buyer doesn’t know about features that come with a house, they provide zero value.  Home automation is really still in its infancy and many buyers haven’t experienced, or perhaps only touched the surface of what these devices can do. When a buyer has the opportunity to experience how they work, it helps to connect the buyer with the house and gets them emotionally involved…. an emotional buyer is one who’s likely to pay more money.

Here are some tips to help you get the most of your home automation products.

Nest Thermostat Home Automation

WiFi Thermostats

Nest and Ecobee are among the most popular options when it comes to wifi enabled smart thermostats and the newer generations will not only be controllable via smartphones but voice control via devices like Google Home and Alexa too.  You can usually pick up a basic version of these devices for $50.00 and it will be money well spent!  Setup the Google Home (or equivalent) device with a sign saying –> Say: “Hey Google, set the temperature in the house to 19 degrees”

Getting visitors engaged and interacting with your smart home will create a more pleasant and memorable experience.  If you have a techie come through, who can’t justify spending money on these things for themselves but see that the house comes with it, you’ll quickly win them over.

Chamberlain MyQ Home Automation

WiFi Garage Door Openers

The Chamberlain MyQ feature allows you to monitor and control your garage door from an application on your smartphone/tablet.  If you have one of these, set up your tablet in a locking stand with the app open for buyers to open and close the garage door using the application.

These same ideas, using voice and apps, can get buyers experiencing an endless list of home automation devices such as automated blinds, appliances, lights, etc.  For some, it will be the first time they experience this tech; moreover, a reminder of why your house is better than the last one they saw.


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