Welcome Leni Klippenstein

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I consider our organization fortunate when it comes to recruiting and hiring. It is not due to a strategy or a systematic approach, but It’s simply a result of building something we love, and people are attracted to it. 


Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she’s a true team player.
Build something that can be rewarding and fun at the same time, not only for your customers but for your employees too. With that mindset, people will knock on your door to ask if you “have any room on the team?”. And trust me, we get asked this quite often these days. Those are the type of people that will differentiate a team from a group of individuals.
Our most recent hire is no exception. We welcomed Leni Klippenstein to our team a couple of months ago. After weeks of training and developmental learning, she’s ready to get started.  We’re extremely excited to watch Leni conquer the real estate world. With the entire team’s support, we’re confident her new career will be successful and rewarding.

Building a Tight-Knit, Supportive Team

When we look at bringing someone new onto the team, the first thing we assess is whether or not this person has a positive attitude and will fit into our vision of being hard-working, passionate, ethical and having a client-first mentality. We can train someone to do the rest, and you cannot train someone to have a great attitude.

Connecting VIA Social

Much like we’ve come to experience, Leni first contacted us via DM on Instagram. She was nearing completion of her real estate courses and was searching for a brokerage to join. During this search, one of our Instagram posts conveniently appeared in her feed.  It caught her attention, and she got stuck in the rabbit hole of diving into our team on Social.  And, the rest is history.
Watching Leni over the past couple of months has been encouraging. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she’s a true team player. We do not doubt that she’s going to impress our customers with her hustle.

A Decade in the Making

I’m excited and proud at the thought of celebrating our upcoming 10th anniversary with the amazing team of 12. From Adrian and I starting a two-person operation, both of us wearing many hats, to becoming a successful and sought-after company to work for, we’re proud of our progress.
I’m confident this won’t be the last message like this that I deliver this year.  I’m enthusiastic about our 10th year in business and look forward to bringing you along for the ride.

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