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Reflections of a “Newbie” My First Days as a Realtor.
By: Steve Cecchetto | Real Estate Agent

When I told my friends and family that I was transitioning my career into real estate most thought I was crazy, and why shouldn’t they?  I had a great job and I was doing very well in my industry, but something was missing, and I now know what it is was.  After a few months and my first successful transactions in real estate, I realized I was missing that feeling of knowing you have really helped someone.  Seeing and feeling that excitement of finding someone the perfect house to call home or selling their home and exceeding expectations brings me back to the excitement I felt when I first started in sales almost 25 years ago.

In my early days, real estate agents offered lots of advice. Most said that the key to success as a real estate agent is to provide value.  And, of course, everyone feels they do this better than anyone –but, do they?  I have trained upwards of one hundred sales reps in the past and although in a different industry, the goal and the fundamental principle is always to provide value.

What is “value”?  Something simple like answering calls promptly and arriving at appointments on time? Making sure you look presentable? Knowing the “right thing” to say?  Below are some thoughts and first impressions on how I feel my team and I have truly separated ourselves and added value to the services we provide.

    1. LISTEN
      I often think of an acronym I heard once, W.A.I.T, which stands for Why Am I Talking?  I see this so much watching real estate agents and salespeople talk to clients and customers. They think they are impressing them with their profound knowledge when they basically show up and throw up –often talking themselves OUT of a sale.  Blurting out whatever they have memorized or been trained to say, or read in the paper the weekend before.  What people need to remember is that everyone is different. Are you giving the person you are hoping to represent a chance to speak?  What is important to them?  Why are you not tailoring what you are saying to address their needs, wants and concerns?  Are you truly understanding them and speaking of something meaningful to them?   You need to listen and adjust what you say and let them understand what you know – make it meaningful to them.


      As expected, I’ve had to learn a lot of new things; from paperwork to systems and software.  I’m very fortunate to have the KT team and the brokerage at my disposal. I have been able to bounce ideas off the team and use my resources, a group consensus of sorts.  I have felt strongly, throughout my career, that the more people you get involved, the more value you are able to provide.  I have found that with the KT team.  Whether it is someone to review my paperwork if I haven’t filled out a form before or just challenging an assumption I have made, it adds value to my clients and how I am representing them. A couple of areas I have seen some major misses from other real estate agents is in paperwork and presentation.  We are talking about million-dollar transactions in some cases –get your paperwork right. If you don’t know, ask.


      More than I initially suspected, the range of services is staggering.  When it comes to the value of service provided, why people don’t research and get references for real estate agents, teams and companies is beyond me.  Understanding what you are paying for (or not) is so important. I have already seen thousands of dollars left on the table from properties sold for below what they should because of the lack of marketing dollars put behind them.  The amount that my team puts back into marketing properties for our clients, I really do believe separates us.  We treat clients like family and our representation of them speaks to that. Let’s say, based on the terms of your agreement, you are paying your agent a percentage of the sale price and perhaps that works out to $20,000.  For that money, I would expect more than a printout of the MLS listing and a half-assed open house.  Believe it or not, that’s what you get in many cases.  What about security during a showing? Tracking interested visitors? Online presence? Printed marketing materials? Engaged Salespeople and an emotionally charged open house?  We do that, and that doesn’t include follow-ups, and generating interest when the time for negotiation comes.  What are you really paying for and what value is really being added?  People need to educate themselves and agents need to do a better job explaining where the money is spent, otherwise, everyone loses, whether they realize it or not.


In summary, I have really enjoyed how my new path has started, and I’m really happy to have a team of mentors and support there with me every step of the way.  Early experiences and learning have not only matched with my personal philosophies on business but also allowed me to find what was missing in my professional career, that feeling of knowing you have truly helped someone.   My advice to people looking for a real estate agent is, do your homework. Not all teams and real estate agents are created equal.  Where is your money going?  Into your agent’s pocket? Or, adding value to the sale or purchase of your next property.  Is your agent looking to get paid on this one transaction you have presented to them, or are they looking to build a mutually beneficial relationship and friendship, which will be win-win for years to come.


Steve Cecchetto is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Milton. He services Halton, Peel, Wellington and surrounding areas.  The Kormendy Trott Team operate out of real estate offices in Oakville and Milton to better serve their clients when buying real estate, selling real estate, investing or renting.  To provide full service to real estate investors, the KT group of companies expanded in 2019 to include KT Property Management. To connect with Steve, contact him directly at stevec@kormendytrott.com


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