Top 5 Tips for First-Time Sellers

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If this is your first time selling a home, the process can be overwhelming. However, with careful planning and choosing the right realtor, you can increase the odds of selling your home for maximum profit and minimal stress. We’ve got the top 5 tips for first-time sellers to help make that possible.

  1. Include the Extras
    Including the extras can mean a lot, especially if you’re dealing with first time buyers. This usually covers standard inclusions like window coverings, light fixtures, and appliances. But you may be able to take it one step further if you have furniture that doesn’t fit into your new home. Including furnishings in the sale could be the deciding factor for first-time buyers who typically have more expenses than those moving from another house. Think bar stools that are the ideal height or a sofa that fits perfectly into a niche.
  2. Clear your Clutter
    If you’ve lived in your home for a few years, chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of things you won’t be taking with you to your next home. Before you start offering showings to potential buyers is the time to get rid of all that stuff. You’ll also want to pack and store away anything you won’t be using before you move. Decluttering makes your home look instantly tidier and more spacious, allowing prospective homebuyers to envision how their own furniture will look in the space.
  3. Appeal to Lazy Buyers
    People, and first-time homebuyers, in particular, can struggle to see through deficiencies to the hidden gem within. For example, if your home is dirty, be sure it gets a deep cleaning. Having the carpets steamed and painting the walls a neutral colour are cost-effective ways to make your home look and smell fresh and new. When people see your home as move-in ready, you’ll do much better in the sale.
  4. Relocate your Pet
    Pets can be a distraction during open houses, showings, and the whole selling process. We all love our pets, but not everyone is a dog or cat lover. It’s a good idea to find a suitable place for your pet to live throughout the home selling process so you’re not distracting any buyers or turning them away. That includes not having your cat’s smelly kitty litter box on display or your dog’s well-chewed toys lying around the house.
  5. Hire a Great Realtor
    There are plenty of real estate agents to choose from, but when it comes to finding a great realtor, you want to choose someone you can trust. Someone with a great marketing plan, who can sell your home for top dollar, and make it a smooth and successful process.


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