Buying Your First Home: The Ultimate Guide

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This ultimate guide to buying your first house is sure to provide one or two golden-nugget tips to ensure your house hunting is a success!

I was feeling inspired by my favourite era of music, the ’90s, and created topic titles from Tupac’s long list of songs –it’s interesting how music can inspire you!  If you’re a fan, drop your favourite track name in the comments.

We’re not going to make you submit your email address to download the full version of this; it’s FREE and requires zero effort from you.  Check out a couple of my favourite tips below and slip through the slide deck for an in-depth look.

1. Don’t be afraid of “Bidding Wars.”

The negative connotation associated with bidding wars has caused regret for many first-time buyers. As a result, they’re left saying, “I would have paid that.”  Go into it knowing your budget, the home’s value and putting your best foot forward.

2. How to find the perfect REALTOR®

The world needs to stop using their mom’s, best friend’s, cousin, who’s a Realtor, and part-time at that.  Now, I’m not saying they’re not worth considering but do your due diligence.  With Social Media at our disposal, it’s effortless to find a couple of local Realtors at the top of their game.

Start by searching hashtags related to real estate and your community, and from there, go to Google.  For example, if you live in Oakville, search #OakvilleRealtor or #OakvilleRealEstate –it will certainly provide some insight. Also, do the same on Google.  Call, email, DM all of these people and delete people from your list based on the promptness and quality of their reply.

It costs you nothing but a little bit of time.

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