Finished Basement Tips

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There are plenty of good reasons for finishing your basement. It provides an additional level of versatile living space that stays cool in the summer months and adds resale value, and makes your home more energy-efficient because many unfinished basements have insufficient insulation.

While finishing a basement can add tremendous value to your home, it can also become a deterrent if done poorly, which brings us to our first tip:

How to Find a Great Contractor

You might think you can save money by finishing your basement or selecting the cheapest quote, but mistakes are expensive and could cost you more if you don’t get it right the first time. 

An experienced contractor will have the knowledge and assistance to do the job safely and without mistakes. They may even be able to figure out creative solutions to layout problems you would never have imagined.

Remodelling requires tools; if you don’t have them, it can add thousands of dollars to your remodelling project. A contractor can also pay less for materials because of their relationships with suppliers and ability to buy in bulk.

Plan For Future Use With Your Basement Reno

There are seemingly endless uses for a finished basement. It may be commonplace in your neighbourhood to use your basement as an apartment that can be rented out to tenants and provide additional income. But you may want to finish it as a home theatre with your own private screenings. 

Maybe you’re envisioning a home office, a gym, a playroom, or a theatre. You may want to include a separate bedroom with a closet or install a wet bar that could easily be converted into a kitchen. Whatever you decide, plan carefully and consider the future uses of your basement space when designing it. 

Keeping Your Finished Basement Consistent with the House

Basements tend to have a different atmosphere than upper levels. They’re where you go to relax and have fun with family and friends. But despite providing more informal living space, basements should maintain consistency with the style and finishes in the rest of the house. There’s no additional value in making it feel like you’ve entered a lavish and ultra-luxe condo if the rest of your home isn’t equally nice.

Doors, fixtures, lighting, and trim are elements that can offer a cohesive feel. For example, if you have 4-inch baseboards on the upper levels, don’t switch to 10-inch baseboards in the basement. 

Hopefully, these tips help as you begin the exciting project of finishing your basement!  For information about buying or selling your home, call the KT team at 1 (800) 617-0090 or contact us online.


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