Unfinished Basements

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Hey guys, welcome back to #KTQuickTips where we give you our tips and tricks to buying and selling real estate.

Today we have tips for those of you that have an unfinished basement.

Generally, unfinished basements are very dark, dirty, and overall just very uninviting. These tips will help you still make this space wow buyers when they visit your home.


Clean and then paint the floors. Painting the basement floors will help keep the dust down as well as screaming that the home owners go the extra mile to care for the home.


Whether or not somebody ventures into your basement begins in their first impression.  Make sure that all lights are working and turned on, paint the walls white and the stairs grey.  This clean look will encourage people to venture down without contemplating having to get their shoes.


GET ORGANIZED! Gather all of your boxes and any items you store in the basement, tuck them away to one side just away from the wall so people don’t think you’re hiding foundation cracks or leaks.

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