Traits of a Successful Real Estate Agent

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The Thrill of the Sale

Professional Sales People get a natural high out of the sale.  Negotiating the best price and terms in an offer fuel them; it’s a critical trait that separates professionals from amateurs.  We LOVE the definition of “Professional” below. It perfectly explains how a true professional is a bit of an outlier, one who possesses distinctive characteristics, work ethic and skill.  There are tens of thousands of Realtors in the GTA, only a tiny fraction of those would be considered professionals… do your homework!


people who are paid to undertake a specialized set of tasks and orchestrate them with uncommon skill

We’ve heard people say that they didn’t believe Realtors have sufficient motivation to negotiate a few extra thousand dollars on a deal because their compensation only changes marginally.  If this is the feeling you’re getting from the Real Estate Agent you’re considering, run.

“A busy Real Estate Agent operates at a higher level of efficiency; they’re cool, collective and confident…

Another thing that could negatively influence a person’s ability to negotiate is desperation.  Having no money in the bank, no cheques coming in, no leads in the pipeline can play a role in decision making. As a result, a desperate real estate agent could make poor decisions to close a deal rather than the right decisions to result in a more successful sale.  A busy Real Estate Agent naturally operates at a higher efficiency level; they’re calm, collective and confident; they’re running on all cylinders.

As important as being a good Sales Person is, there are many other integral components in successfully buying or selling real estate.  A successful sale requires appropriately preparing a home, ensuring it looks its best and most functional, you want people to picture themselves enjoying the space. For more details on some of the tools and services we provide that ensure our clients are always successful, check out the KT Catalogue.

Know Your Buyer

Understanding buyer demographics enables us to stage accordingly and strategically advertise. With powerful targeted advertising tools through Social, we target individuals more likely to be interested in your home.  We can target based on personal interests, geographic location, life events, and more.

Hire Right

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, make sure you do your diligence.  Don’t necessarily gravitate to the signs you see in the neighbourhood, your family or your best friend’s referral.  Interview people, find out more about them and hire somebody capable of taking you through the process smoothly and successfully.

This one decision got our clients an extra $10,000


The Kormendy Trott Team is an award-winning and top producing team of real estate agents servicing the GTA and surrounding areas.  Founders Ariel Kormendy and Adrian Trott started by exclusively working with clients buying and selling real estate in Milton, Ontario. They have since grown to include a world-class Real Estate Agents team, an in-house marketing department, and support staff.  The KT Team has expanded and now offer their value-driven and exceptional service to the rest of the GTA.  From Sonos speakers and Arlo video cameras to in-home digital and print marketing, your home will shine among the competition.  Learn more about them on social and email us to chat about your plans to move at info@kormendytrott.com

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