Steve’s Top Three Restaurants in Milton

These are my top three picks for eating out in Milton and I'd highly recommend you try each of them too!

Having lived in Milton for the last 12 years, I have certainly had an opportunity to dine, drink and misbehave in many local bars and restaurants. I wanted to take the opportunity to share my top 3 and encourage you to visit these fine establishments.

Rad Brothers

First comes the place where everybody knows your name, no not Cheers, but Rad Brothers.  It is a place that feels like home.  It is the kind of place that I often drop in by myself, and you will always find a friend already there or someone who becomes a friend by the end of the night.  There is so much to this great local bar between the live music, trivia nights, great beer selections, Mama Rads infamous soups, and fabulous food.  My favourite thing to order is either the Beef Dip or the Pork Schnitzel; the staff know that I want just the meat and none of the green stuff!   This place truly is my therapy, the place where I get to relax and unwind.  I have to mention the owners, the Radojcic family, their vision and their inspiration make this one of the most popular spots in Milton; great people who support our community.

Pretty Rad

It may not seem like much of a stretch from choice number one, but in at number two is Pretty Rad.  Located on Main Street in the heart of Milton in a beautiful historic building, this is a little more upscale with refined, modern and trendy decor.  Pretty Rad has become my go-to place for business meetings, and it just so happens to be near the KT Studio.  A  great atmosphere, signature cocktails, Rad Pilsner beer and a tapas-style menu make it a perfect setting for meaningful chats with clients in a semi-intimate environment.  Not so much a coincidence that it is owned by the Rad family as well.


Milton has many options for every taste, thirst and fancy, these are just my favourites, and I look forward to seeing you at one of them soon!

Last but not least comes a favourite of my wife and me, that you will also find located on Main Street, Locanda.  To be honest, we probably never would have tried it, but it came recommended by a friend.  It is the kind of place that if you blink and you would miss it.  It isn’t much to look at outside, but it is cozy, intimate and beautifully decorated inside.  And forget getting in on the weekend without a reservation.  It is the perfect setting for a romantic night out or a private dinner with friends.  Marco warmly greets us by name whenever we come in.  My wife and I love the Rigatoni Alla Locanda. I mean, who can refuse piping hot homemade pasta with fresh tomato sauce tossed in a giant wheel of Grana Padano Cheese?! The authentic Italian food is something my Nonna would have enjoyed, just sayin’.

I look forward to a time when we can support them once again in person.  Milton has many options for every taste, thirst and fancy, these are just my favourites, and I look forward to seeing you at one of them soon!

For more suggestions on great local dining in Milton, check out episode 129 of KT Confidential

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