2022 Real Estate Trends & What Women Want

What women want in real estate

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Today we’re talking about trends in real estate. When it comes to décor, upgrades, and designer finishes inside and out, women tend to have a better eye for details and are more in touch with the latest trends than men, who often have very different styles and tastes.

With 2023 right around the corner, Ariel talks to KT Realty agent Robin Dasilva about her take on popular home trends in the real estate market.

As a mother of two growing kids, Robin and her husband are like many people in their 30s who are thinking about upgrading to a home with more space to accommodate their lifestyle.

Whether you’re buying a new home or renovating you’re existing one, here are some trends to bear in mind.

The Evolution of Flooring Trends

Let’s face it, trends change. Hard to believe, but at one time, carpeting was once on-trend. Then, as hardwood floors became fashionable and affordable, many chose wide plank, hand-scraped, dark hardwood. It looks great but shows every mark.

If you’ve kids, dogs or a sloppy husband, hardwood in the kitchen means cleaning up messes quickly. Otherwise, you’re going to get bubbling.

Robin’s choice is vinyl flooring for its durability, wide colour selection, and the fact that it’s easy to clean and won’t be damaged by water.

Maybe 15 years ago, vinyl floors would negatively impact your value, but vinyl with cork underlay feels nice in any climate, won’t get mold or mildew, and is also good for basements and cottages.

Mistakes When Renovating

What’s the mistake that almost everyone makes and Ariel admits to being hugely guilty of? Waiting to find the exact thing you want.

With so many options, you can end up endlessly scrolling online for months, looking for perfection, and end up with nothing because you can’t make up your mind.

If, like Ariel, you’re anticipating selling your home and want to do some upgrading first, he suggests making a list of what you need to do to.

Start with something relatively easy and always keep return on investment in mind.

Listen to the podcast starting at 19:45 to hear about Ariel’s search for pendant lighting.

Kitchen Trends & Robin’s Dream Kitchen

For most people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. White is timeless, will never go out of style, and appeals to more people. Robin’s choice is white shaker cabinets, a white island, light wood floors, and matte black hardware and fixtures to offset.

When it comes to colour accents, you want to go classic rather than trendy. There are so many different shades that can quickly go out of style. You’ve got to bring samples home and try them out.

Hot Tip: Hellopaint.ca will deliver large-format peel and stick paint samples, making it easier to get the right shade.

Bathroom Inspiration & What’s Hot/Renovating Basements

The kitchen and bathroom are the two most important rooms and the biggest costs for renovation.

Robin recently chose chrome on glass walk-in shower doors with black accents on things like the towel racks and toilet paper holder, and Calcutta marble floor and tile with a niche for shampoos.

If you’re installing a bathroom in the basement, heated floors are a must. No one wants freezing feet, especially when you’re going into or getting out of the shower. Heated floors in small square footage don’t cost that much and make a basement bathroom much cozier.

Where to Source Your Items

  • Amazon is a great resource for lighting, electronics, and door hardware. Make sure to double-check prices and look at reviews.
  • If you can wait longer, ordering from overseas on eBay is a good option because many manufacturers sell directly.
  • Bath Depot, Wayfair, and Home Depot offer a good selection at reasonable prices.

When Not to Cheap Out

Regardless of whether you’re doing it for yourself or for resale, don’t opt for the cheap stuff. People will notice. For elements with impact, such as vanities, lighting, and kitchen cabinets, spend more.

What Women Want and Does Size Matter?

Yes, ask any woman; size matters when it comes to homes.

What Upgrades Should You Get with A Builder?

Sometimes which upgrades you should get from the builder depends on cost and time.

Getting custom cabinets usually means better quality, and you can design the size and type of cabinets you want where you want them.

In a new builder home, you often get a cookie-cutter design and the same style and cabinetry locations as all the other houses with the same floor plan.

Hot Tip: Searching LD BOSS Custom Kitchens Inc. in Milton on Instagram @ldbosscustomkitchensinc will give you an idea of the many options for custom-made cabinetry.

Fireplaces and Playrooms

Good fireplaces are a perennial favourite. Linear gas fireplaces are preferable to electric ones because they look phony and have to run a lot to give off enough heat.

A playroom is a must for kids and storing toys. A dedicated room confines all the mess to one room and keeps the house from looking like a disaster area.

Post-Pandemic Pool Trends/Travelling

Post-pandemic people have been waiting months for passports, and flight prices are through the roof with extra charges and high fuel costs.

On the other hand, prices have come down a little on pools, and everyone wants one these days.

Mom loves a pool to keep the kids entertained. Plus, a swimming pool is always great for parties for both kids and adults.

Having a pool or a house with a yard that’s big enough to have one is trending in 2022 and will continue to trend in 2023!

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