Your Real Estate Videos Don’t Work

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There’s no denying the power of video. As our lives become more digital, video has become integrated into everything we do, from making video calls to friends and attending business meetings to falling in love with the latest tech gadget after viewing an advertisement.  In fact, video advertisements have become so subtle through Influencer Marketing that you may not even know you’re being sold.

Selling Real Estate

Real estate is no exception when it comes to the concept of sales.  Selling real estate is about telling a story, pulling on heartstrings, connecting with people emotionally, and helping the buyer envision themself living in, entertaining in, and using each room.

There are plenty of tools at our disposal, and video is one of the most effective.  However, most real estate agents are misusing it.  A long-format video ‘tour’ of a property doesn’t work except for uber-expensive and fancy properties with tons of exciting features to showcase.  The attention span of viewers is around 30 seconds… 60 at most.

Most agents are using video as a means of providing a full tour of the home, and this simply doesn’t work.

We’ve tested the market, and buyers have shown us what they way.  Our current, most effective format has been compressed into that thirty to sixty-second timeframe.  We focus on key components, incorporate creative and quick transitions, and select music to suit the home.

Most agents are using video to provide a full home tour, which doesn’t work.  It bores viewers.  Photos and 3D virtual walkthroughs handle this far better.  Cut down your time, focus on the home’s key components, and provide enough to excite and intrigue the viewer to pursue further action.


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