What upgrades should I do with the builder?

Ariel Kormendy

Ariel Kormendy

Co-owner of the KT Team and Renti, Ariel Kormendy has been a resident of Milton and Oakville for over 20 years. With a lifelong passion for real estate, Ariel brings a blend of sales expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to the team. An early riser, Ariel enjoys starting his day with a workout and a good coffee. When not working, you’ll find him at the cottage, enjoying summer days by the lake. Ariel’s favourite movie is “Home Alone,” and he loves indulging in a classic pork souvlaki dinner or his grandmother’s traditional schnitzel.

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New home upgrades – which ones are worth it?

Buying a new home with the builder can be an exciting process, but also a daunting one. You have to select a floor plan you like, the lot you want it to be built on, the look of the exterior, and all the finishes on the inside. It’s the upgrades though that can throw buyers and their budgets for a loop.

This is a question that we often get and while the answer is seemingly simple, there are many factors involved. The location, size of the home, style of home and demand for similar homes in the neighbourhood, can all play a factor in making the right choices.

In this case, we’re sharing what upgrades you’d most benefit from and are best for resale in a typical detached home in a suburban neighbourhood in Ontario.

#1 Structural changes

Most builders will offer some interior structual changes as options, whether it’s a larger ensuite bathroom, a different main floor configuration, or the height of the ceilings. These are most likely impossible or difficult/costly to do later. These are typically good options to look at upgrading with the builder and not only return a good value in resale, but keep your home relevant for years to come.

#2 Staircases

Carpeted stairs are becoming a pet peeve of most buyers in the current marketplace. A contemporary wood staircase is a great upgrade! You can get creative with painted risers, or iron pickets, but don’t go too crazy as those “extras” won’t bring in additional resale. A simple Oak or Maple staircase is all you need.

#3 Tiled flooring

There will be areas of the home where tiles laid are a standard feature; bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and main floor hallways, unfortunately this is typically an area where the included options are smaller-sized, cheaper tiles, that can quickly become outdated. Upgrading the tile to a larger, modern tile can be a great investment. Tiles are difficult and costly to remove and replace at a later date, so this extra cost now will definitely prove to be a worthwhile spend.

If you want our recommendations on selecting the right options, feel free to send us a message, and be sure to watch or listen to episodes 85 and 86 of KT Confidential – the real estate podcast, where we discussed this topic specifically.

Congratulations on your new home!

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