Three Basic Tips to Sell Your House for More Money

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Even the smallest details can make a big difference when selling your home. Buyers will scrutinize everything to make sure they’re getting a good deal without any unwanted surprises.

Follow these three steps for a better selling experience better and to ensure a quick sale.

Replace Your Furnace Filter

While this seems obvious to most, it’s among the top neglected maintenance tips and can cause easily avoidable, deal-breaking concerns.

When buyers view a house, and most certainly during a home inspection, the filter will be removed and inspected. A dirty, clogged filter raises immediate red flags –unwarranted as they may be– as buyers begin conjuring crazy ideas about what other problems exist in the house and what kinds of germs and viruses are in the air (honestly, it’s crazy.)

Replacing your furnace filter is an easy fix showing potential buyers and home inspectors that you maintain the furnace and the house properly. It often gives the impression that the rest of the property has also been well-maintained, as opposed to giving concern and reason to closely evaluate every other deficiency.

Recaulk Your Bathtubs and Sinks

Bathrooms are right behind the kitchen in order of importance in the minds of the buyer. Bathrooms are small spaces that get a lot of use. You’ll want to scrub, scour, and wipe down any signs of dirt, debris, streaks, and smudges.

Cleaning grout and re-caulking will take buyers from cringing to pleasantly surprised. Not to mention, these occasional tasks should be tackled as a regular part of home ownership to prevent water damage.

Spruce up Your Landscaping

It’s hard to overstate the importance of curb appeal. Essentially, it sets the stage for the entire house. Because people are inclined to make up their minds pretty quickly, failing to make a good first impression can affect how buyers look at even minor problems or shortcomings once they step inside the house.

Your front lawn is the first thing prospective buyers will see; you want to make it look amazing.

That means heading outside to mow the lawn, trim the edges, pull weeds, prune hedges, and freshen up the mulch in your gardens. You don’t want anything looking overgrown; everything should appear neatly maintained.

Ensure the lawn is tidy by removing toys, bicycles, yard tools, trash cans, and other clutter.

The Importance of Outdoor Living

There has never been a time in our history where the value of attractive outdoor living space has provided such a great return on investment. Since COVID, the appeal of outdoor living space elevated dramatically. People were tired of being confined to the interior of the house, and couldn’t go out much, so a tranquil backyard and space for the kids to exert themselves became almost priceless.

From the front porch to the backyard patio, ensure you have colourful planters and comfy furniture.

By making your home look inviting, potential buyers will naturally envision themselves enjoying it, and when the secret to selling for more comes from getting buyers to fall in love, this becomes a critical component to preparing a house for sale.



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