The Silent Killer

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Hey everyone! In E143 of #KTQuickTips, Milton Real Estate Agents, Adrian and Ariel of The Kormendy Trott Team discuss Carbon Monoxide . . . “The Silent Killer”.

This is a very important subject, especially at this time of year because your windows are closed, you’ve got less circulation, you’re using your furnace, fireplace and gas appliances, making it far more likely for CO to be present in your home.

If you own a newer home, the builder may have already installed have a CO detector adjacent to all of your bedrooms. We do, however, recommend installing them on all levels of your home. If you fall asleep watching a movie in the basement or on the couch in your living room, having a CO Detector close by could save your life.

One of our favorite products is Nest Protect, an all-in-one smoke and CO detector, available in both hardwired and battery powered configurations. It works in conjunction with the Nest Thermostat too so that if carbon monoxide is detected, it will shut off the furnace.  If you’re looking for cheaper options, they do exist. Unlike smoke, which rises, carbon monoxide mixes with air and it may detected at all levels. As a result, you can opt for ceiling-mounted detectors or plug-in devices, which are quite a bit more affordable and often on sale at retailers like Costco.

So, this month, let’s focus on keeping your family safe and make sure you’ve got the proper coverage to protect you from the “Silent Killer”.

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