The Evolution of an Entrepreneur and the Real Estate Industry

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The Evolution of an Entrepreneur

As Ariel and I near a decade of building the KT brand, I reflect on our success. Whether celebrating becoming a top real estate team in the country or enthusiastically welcoming our first customer to KTPM, our residential property management company, I do so humbly. I appreciate everyone that’s helped us get here.

As a result of our growth, my and Ariel’s roles have evolved. Incidentally, we now spend much of our time on business and brand development. Furthermore, those responsibilities constantly change. We constantly evaluate our strengths, weaknesses and the business’s needs.

The Benefits of Working with a Team

Our unbelievably capable and hardworking team keeps things running smoothly.  The KT REALTORS® to Client Care and Administrative staff and Media Department all play an important role.  Their hard work and commitment to the KT brand uphold the level of service and client care we tirelessly strive for.  Therefore, Ariel and I can focus on building the company.

My personal goal is to provide a phenomenal level of service to as many people as we can reach. I want to create transparency in the real estate industry. I want to positively impact each of those we work with, and we will be consistent. People who hire us will do so because they know what they’re getting.

The Evolution of the Real Estate Brokerage

. . . we’re setting out to build a brand that’s recognizable, one that buyers, sellers, investors and renters of real estate will hire confidently, knowing exactly what they’re getting.

The structure of traditional real estate brokerages has changed. It has become less focused on the client –you! And, more about the REALTOR®.  As a result of changes to the competitive landscape of the industry, brokerages focus on recruiting.  You’ll find that two or more REALTORS® within one brokerage have different processes and services, let alone between agents of different brokerages under the same corporate umbrella.  There’s no consistency in marketing materials, services or processes.

At KT, we’re establishing consistency, a reliable and trusted brand that provides peace of mind in knowing what you’re getting.

Come along for the ride as we continue to grow. Hit me up personally on Instagram to chat about business, real estate or life.

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