The Best New Year’s Resolutions for Realtors

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Jane Pinzhoffer

Jane Pinzhoffer

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There’s something about turning over the calendar into a new year. It’s a blank slate and a chance to make a fresh start. It’s the most popular time of the year to hit the reset button and make some changes.

Whether it’s personal goals like losing weight or focusing on resolutions aimed at professional growth, Adrian and Ariel offer ways to help realtors stick to their resolutions for 2023.

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Resolutions vs. Goals

Resolutions are usually more of an overall direction you want to take, while goals are the steps that will get you there. Your resolution could be to lose 20 pounds, while goals could be exercising more and eating healthier.

According to this Time2play survey of 1,000 Canadians across the country, almost 30% list improving personal fitness and nutrition as their resolution for 2023. And while 61.9% of us find New Year’s resolutions are beneficial, 68.6% don’t succeed in keeping them.

It could be because people often don’t have an action plan to follow through on their resolutions. Some people set unrealistic goals. Using the same losing 20 pounds example, you don’t want to set yourself up for failure by trying to lose all the weight by February.

Start with one doable task, such as not eating after 8 p.m. Then, after a few weeks, add in going for a daily walk.

The key is not to get overwhelmed and stressed out because that’s a sure recipe for failure.

Develop Healthy Eating Habits and Stick to a Schedule

Realtors spend a lot of time on the road. Some work days can start at 6 a.m. and not finish until 10:00 or 11:00 at night. It can be hard to sit down and eat proper meals. Have a plan for how you’ll keep your body nourished for the day.

If you block off 12:00 to 12:30 as your lunchtime, don’t let anything else distract you during that time. Try to avoid grabbing fast food on the fly. Sure, drive-throughs are convenient, but even stopping for coffee at Tim’s often means adding a donut and extra calories to your order.

If possible, try packing leftovers from last night’s dinner rather than eating out regularly. You’ll end up eating fewer burgers and save money to boot. Fruit and nuts are great healthy snacks that are easy to munch on when you get hungry throughout the day.

Instead of having another coffee, drink water. It helps keep you hydrated and can make you feel fuller during the day.

Hold Yourself Accountable

If you lack discipline and accountability, it can be tough to reach your goals, regardless of what they are. If you’re someone who falls into this category, find someone who can help hold you accountable. It could be a nutritionist, a personal trainer, or a spouse.

As a realtor working long days, you need good nutrition to be effective. Not to mention, healthy eating habits lower your risk for all sorts of serious health issues, from heart disease to diabetes.

Maximize Your Productivity

Work hard, play hard, and be totally present in whichever zone you’re in. A lot of people say they’re busy, but how much work are they actually getting done?

Often it means taking an unbiased view of what you’re accomplishing each day and redirecting your efforts.

The day before you start your day, sit down with a beverage of your choice, decompress from the day and create a list of what you’re going to do the following day. This includes a to-do list with times blocked off for each task and making sure to leave room for phone calls and following up—a big part of any realtor’s day. Write down when you’re going to make calls and how many you’re making, and then stick to it. Doing this will give you a feeling of accomplishment, and you’ll do more in a day than some realtors achieve in a week.

Check out this hour-by-hour plan for a real estate agent’s day from California Real Estate Consultant Tom Ferry to get some ideas.

Understand Yourself and Be Present in the Moment

There’s no reason to be frustrated if you don’t complete everything you’ve set out to do for the day. It’s only natural that sometimes tasks will get carried over into the next day.

However, if there’s something you’ve been putting off, such as a client you’re trying to avoid for whatever reason, it’s time to get it done. Make it a priority, otherwise, it will always be in the back of your head.

Many realtors have a hard time blocking off personal time and sticking with it. In this job, you often work seven days a week, so it’s really important to make time for yourself and your family.

When you do take personal time, shut off your phone. Be 100% focused in the moment and eliminate distractions. There’s nothing wrong with using your voicemail to tell people your hours and when you’ll get back to them.

You also don’t want to forget about booking time off. Take one complete day off a week, preferably the same day, so that clients are aware you won’t be available that day.

Just Say, “Yes”

Make a point of saying yes to more things. The most successful realtors are those with the largest network. It’s time to get in front of more people. Take some chances, and don’t pass up opportunities.

If you get invited to an event, and your natural inclination is to say no because it’s something you’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with, try saying yes.

Get Together with Clients

Research from the University of Oxford shows that the more often people eat with others, the more likely they feel happy and satisfied with their lives.

If you’re a realtor and not dining out a few times a week with people, you’re not maximizing your opportunities. In 2023, make a point of getting together and eating and drinking with clients. Go out for lunch or dinner. Relax and enjoy some good food and good conversation.
Chances are you’ll make some great friendships along the way.

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