The Anxieties of Buying and Selling

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Buying or selling a house is enough to overwhelm just about anybody. People tend to struggle with major changes and moving can be a monumental disruption to your life.

If you find yourself trying to buy and sell a home simultaneously, it’s even more stressful and becomes a balancing act of logistics and coordination.

Meet Jen Goncalves

In this podcast, KT Realty’s Client Care Manager, Jennifer Goncalves, joins Ariel for a heart-to-heart over the anxieties of buying and selling.

As Jen celebrates five years with the company, her husband Gavin and her grandmother prepare to move from their home in Milton.

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Preparing for Jen’s New Home Transition and the Anxieties of Moving

Even someone like Jen, who knows much about the real estate industry and can manage everything behind the scenes when the guys take a vacation, feels the stress of transitioning into a new home.

Like anyone planning to move, Jen has anxiety about certain aspects, including:

  • Getting a bigger mortgage
  • Potentially moving a little outside of town
  • Interest rates going up
  • The unpredictable housing market
  • Having a larger property to take care of
  • More expenses (bigger monthly payments, higher property taxes, maintenance costs, and utilities)
  • Moving itself
  • Packing everything

As a kid, Jen moved a lot and now understands the anxiety and stress she could see in her parents that she didn’t get at the time and now understands how much more stressful it is to buy and sell at the same time.

Organizing Your Sell/Donate/Garbage Piles Early

One of the biggest hassles of moving is packing up everything you own. Taking things you haven’t used in years doesn’t make sense, which is why this is a great time to purge and “Zen” your life.

Be honest and keep only the things you use or that have true sentimental value.

That means going through every box and deciding what you’re keeping and not keeping. Do it early because this is a time-consuming endeavour, and once you’ve found a place you love and have put in an offer, the clock is ticking. With a deadline, you’ll be scrambling and freaking out with even less time to do it all.

Touching Up Paint Jobs at Jen’s House

Even though the paint in Jen’s house is in overall good condition, Ariel recommends touching up any areas with white paint.

Getting a quart of white paint and a little brush and going over all the white trim is an easy way to brighten and freshen any home.

Should You Deep Clean Your House?

Deep cleaning goes beyond standard cleaning to get rid of dirt, grime, and other gunk that accumulates over time. It typically means sanitizing, disinfecting, and lots of detail work.

Jen has a 160-pound dog that sheds and drools and plans on doing a deep clean once the furniture is out.

What Jen is Looking Forward to Most When Moving into a New House

  • A change of scenery
  • Having an older home where they can do renovations and do finishing touches to create the space exactly the way they want
  • More privacy as opposed to having every neighbour being able to see in their backyard
  • A bigger yard with real grass and a place for the dogs to run and play
  • A two-car garage and driveway space
  • At least three bedrooms

The Importance of Finding the Right Location for Jen

Location is always a major factor. In Jen’s case, it means being close to amenities so her grandmother, who doesn’t drive or take the bus, is within walking distance of a grocery store.

Essentially this eliminates anything in rural areas or even on the outskirts of Milton. It also highlights the importance of focusing on the things you cannot change when looking for a house.

It’s really important to share these things with your realtor. There’s no point in seeing houses and falling in love with a home that isn’t within your deal-breaking parameters.


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