Tenants: Your Online Resume

Applying to Rent a Property

Getting approved as a tenant is hard, and this may be a reason for the problem.

Because Landlords want to protect their investment, they’re doing more due diligence by searching tenants on social media. And, perhaps, party pics and dog photos are killing your deal. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, you’re creating an online resume –and Landlords are watching. It’s up to you; social media will work for you or against you.  Start by familiarizing yourself with the privacy options on each platform. As an example, consider Instagram’s Close Friends feature. This allows you to post Stories only designated “Close Friends” can see. Then there are Facebook’s many options to manage what the general public vs close acquaintances see.

This is one of many sources we utilize to screen tenants. Also, something to consider is to hire a great real estate agent.  Not only will they increase your odds of being approved, but they may also just help you find the perfect home.  Contact us for more advice on how to increase the odds of your rental application being accepted.

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