Selling Your Home in the Winter

Ariel Kormendy

Ariel Kormendy

Co-owner of the KT Team and Renti, Ariel Kormendy has been a resident of Milton and Oakville for over 20 years. With a lifelong passion for real estate, Ariel brings a blend of sales expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to the team. An early riser, Ariel enjoys starting his day with a workout and a good coffee. When not working, you’ll find him at the cottage, enjoying summer days by the lake. Ariel’s favourite movie is “Home Alone,” and he loves indulging in a classic pork souvlaki dinner or his grandmother’s traditional schnitzel.

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The weather might be frightful outside but have no fear, the winter months are a great time to sell your house.   Generally speaking, there are not a lot of homes on the market for sale which means – less competition! Yay! We are already winning here.   Since there are not too many homes on the market during these chilly days, the buyers that are looking for that dream home are very serious in purchasing.

Even though there are fewer homes on the market and the buyers are serious, you (the seller) can still spruce up your house a little to get that sale even faster! Here are a few quick tips on how to sell your house in the winter.

Make your home easy to get to – that means shovelling your driveway, sidewalk and entrance to your home. No one is bringing their snowshoes out to get to your open house!

Mmmmmm Toasty! ­– Walking into a warm home on a cold winter day makes everything better. Make your home nice and cozy. By turning up the temperature a little, your home becomes more inviting to potential buyers. And please, turn that fireplace on if you have one! Don’t cheap out on the heat when you are trying to sell your house!

Use Seasonal Decorations – No need to go overboard and decorate your house like it is in Home Alone! But a little seasonal decoration can really make your home warm and cozy. A nicely decorated house resonates with people since they can imagine living there and making memories with their families. What a way to set the mood!

Well there you have it, some quick tips on how to sell your home in the winter. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call your Realtor to plan your winter home sale now!

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