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KT Spotlight of rxRecourse

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KT Spotlight: rxRecourse

As we approach the end of 2021 and reflect on yet another unbelievably eventful year, one thing stands prominently crucial to helping us all get through the year—the daily practice of health and wellness.

This KT Client Spotlight appropriately shines on a progressive company whose purpose is to promote physically and mentally healthy lifestyles, both individually and within corporations.

Tarah Rogers, CEO and Co-Founder, and Dan Rogers, Co-Founder and Head Coach, are long-time, repeat clients of KT. And, like many of our clients, we have grown to be much closer. We’ve watched their company, rxRecourse, help countless individuals and companies, including our own. rxRecourse’s “why” is to provide prescribed help to those in high-stress situations.

Tarah’s professional corporate background, combined with Dan’s thousands of hours of coaching all walks of life towards better health and wellness, has proven to be the perfect match for bringing an essential conversation to the boardroom, water cooler and corporate athletes’ homes.

A Word From Dan Rogers

Whether you’re feeling a lack of direction, bogged down, unmotivated, sluggish, depressed or anything else that you feel is not you at your best; rxRecourse is here to help. It all starts with a “Pulse Check” to see where you are in with your Health and Wellness before we introduce one of the many programs to help your work team get back on track and into a more positive and productive workplace.  rxRecourse uses education on Activity, Mindset and Nutrition to help inspire Corporate Teams and Individual work and live better.

— Dan Rogers | Co-Founder & Head Coach

Check out the rxRecourse website to learn more about how they can help your team at work and perhaps you individually. rxRecourse is here to help in a genuine and meaningful way during challenging times for many in the corporate setting.

Who’s Next?

KT Spotlights is one of our many ways of giving back to our wonderful clients.  We want to bring light to the many wonderful people and companies around us during trying times for business.  If you’re a client of KT and have a personal business, send us an email to be featured in an upcoming Spotlight.

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