Real Estate Team Supports Continued Education

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I’m excited to announce that KT is supporting our REALTORS® by subsidizing the cost of ongoing training and education.

After decades in the sales profession, I’ve witnessed salespeople become complacent, comfortable and unaware of their industry evolving.  This complacency results in them not achieving the levels of success that they’re capable of. It also results in them providing sub-par service to clients. Both of which are avoidable.

Many brokerages and teams focus training on helping their real estate agents acquire new clients. Whereas we focus equal time and resources to ensure that our team represents their clients properly.

There’s a true art to negotiating, assessing property value and selecting a selling strategy. Also, it takes a keen eye to choose the right upgrades and changes to make to a property to squeeze every penny out of it. In fact, individually, each of these skills makes a huge difference. The right decision on one of these can sway the selling price by thousands of dollars. Missing the mark on multiple can be detrimental.

By supporting our real estate agents, and by handling each client with a team effort, the level of our clients’ success increases.

If you’re a real estate agent –or if you’ve ever considered becoming one, and you’re looking for the assistance and camaraderie of a supportive, successful and fun team, connect with us to discuss options.


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