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staging a house

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As real estate agents, we know that selling residential real estate requires a lot of planning, preparation, and hard work (check out our process of staging this home in Milton). One crucial decision you will have to make when selling a home is whether or not to stage it. And if you do decide to stage it, you will have may have to choose between traditional staging or virtual staging. In this blog, we will compare and break down the pros and cons of staging, not staging, and virtual staging, so you can make an informed decision.

Be mindful that not all staging is alike. What one real estate agent considers staging, may be a fraction of what another will provide. Be open-minded to the fact that you’re selling a large asset, this isn’t your used sneakers being listed on Kijiji.  The process can be daunting, but do it right and it will be over quickly and with a higher degree of success.

Staging a Home


  • Staging a home will help potential buyers visualize how they could live in the space, making it easier for them to fall in love.
  • Staged homes often sell faster and for a higher price than homes that are not staged.
  • Staging can highlight a home’s best features and make it more appealing to buyers.
  • Properly furnished and decorated properties feel larger than unfurnished or poorly furnished and decorated properties


  • Staging can be expensive, especially if you hire a professional stager –confirm if your Realtor includes this, and at what cost, if any.
  • You may need to remove some of your furniture and personal belongings, which can be inconvenient and disruptive.

Not Staging a Home


  • Not staging a home can save you time and money –but note that it will likely have a negative impact on the sale price.
  • You can continue to live in your home as you normally would, without having to worry about keeping it in show-ready condition.


  • Homes that are not staged may be less appealing to potential buyers.
  • Buyers may have a hard time visualizing how they could live in the space.
  • Not staging a home can make it more difficult to sell and may result in a lower sale price.

Virtual Staging


  • Virtual staging is less expensive than traditional staging.
  • Virtual staging allows you to showcase your home’s potential without having to move furniture or buy new items.
  • You can use virtual staging to showcase multiple potential designs for the same space, which is great for a room that could have various uses.
  • Staging wasn’t a feasible option for rental property listings, but virtual staging has changed that


  • Virtual staging is not as effective as traditional staging. It gets buyers to the house but provides an underwhelming experience when they arrive.
  • Some buyers may find virtual staging to be misleading, as they may not realize that the furniture and decor are not actually in the home; it’s good to make a note in property listings if the photos are virtually staged, and some real estate boars require this.

Is it worth staging my property?

Ultimately, the decision to stage, not stage, or virtual stage your home will depend on a variety of factors, including your budget, timeline, and personal preferences. As real estate agents, we work with our clients to help them make an informed decision that is best for their unique situation. Remember, staging can make a big difference in the sale of a home. Carefully consider the pros and cons of each option.



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