National Tree Day 2022

What a great way to celebrate National Tree Day!
Tree Planting in Milton

Adrian Trott

Happy National Tree Day, Canada.

Today is a great day to celebrate our recent accomplishment of planting over two hundred trees in two hours! With the support of over 50 volunteers and team members, our tree-planting event on Saturday, September 17th, was a huge success.

While we reassured our amazing clients and volunteers that our events aren’t always so labour-intensive (and it was!), it became vividly clear that while it’s fun to host movie nights and brewery tours, our clients and fans genuinely preferred being able to support a great cause and give back to the community –to say that we’ve surrounded ourselves with incredible people is an understatement.

Tree Planting Milton
Volunteers and KT Team at Milton’s Bob Rumball Centre of Excellence for the Deaf

In case you’re not familiar with the initiative, in 2021, The KT Team wanted to find a way to give back to the communities that have so graciously supported our company over the years. In our search for a way to do this, we stumbled across Tree Canada, the Country’s largest not-for-profit tree-planting organization, and our goals aligned with their mission.

we reassured our amazing clients and volunteers that our events aren’t always so labour-intensive

For the 2022 calendar year, our team contributed to Tree Canada’s National Tree Planting program by donating one tree for every house purchased or sold with our team. We were also excited about their Partners in Planting program, which allowed us to host an event in a community of our choice, to beautify the community with shade trees, fruit trees and bushes.

Local Milton Realtor Cools off at Event

Tree Canada connected us with the Bob Rumball Centre of Excellence for the Deaf in Milton. Milton holds a special place in our hearts as being the Town we started our company in before expanding and becoming a top 10 performing team of real estate agents for Century 21 in the entire Country; it was fitting that we give back there.

Fast forward to today, and after some blood, sweat, tears and sore backs, two hundred plants are currently setting roots in a well-deserving piece of land. Thanks to everyone for your support in planning, digging and planting; we look forward to deciding what our next big event will be.


Adrian and Ariel

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