Moving Day Tips and Tricks

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Yikes, the day you’ve been dreading is here. Even the best planners can find moving days overwhelming. Fortunately, there are ways to make it go a little bit smoother.

Follow my moving day tips for advice on ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible.


Keep a running list that outlines the little things you’ll need to do before locking the doors for good. There will be small tasks that will get pushed aside while you’re focused on packing. If you don’t track these tasks by keeping a running list, you’ll leave yourself scrambling at the last minute as these have a way of piling up as the moving truck is on its way. I’m talking about the little things that you swore you’ll get to, like taking out the last trash bag, cleaning the toothpaste off the counter in the kids’ bathroom, making sure there are no surprises in the toilets for the new homeowners, empty the fridge and freezer…you get my point, these are all the little things that we want to ensure get done but often get forgotten.

Have some cash

Have you hired a professional moving company? If so, you’ll want cash available on moving day for tips. Tipping movers is not required, but it’s appreciated and will go a long way.

Arrange a sitter

Don’t complicate moving day by having your kids or pets running around. Not only will they get in the way, but they could also become a dangerous place for little ones. Schedule a pick-up first thing in the morning so you can focus on everything moving-related. If finding a sitter is not an option, make sure you have ways to keep them busy. You can download movies on their devices, have puzzles, colouring books and snacks, lots of snacks because we all know that when kids get bored, they get hungry.

Pack a cooler

You’ll realize quickly that moving is a workout and requires tons of energy as you’ll be doing a lot of heavy lifting, pushing, bending, going up the stairs, going down the stairs and ultimately burning a lot of calories. It’s easy to get distracted and forget to eat or drink because you want to get the job done and done fast. Maybe the plan was to stop midway through and take a break to grab shawarmas or wraps, but now you’re on a roll, and if you stop now, you’ll lose the momentum. A cooler with water bottles, Gatorade and grab-and-go snacks is a must. Fill it up with high-protein foods, such as bags of nuts and dried fruit, pre-made sandwiches, and protein bars. BTW having a little extra for your movers is also not a bad idea. If you don’t think you’ll be feeling exhausted and hungry midway through the day, think again…and I have yet to meet a pleasant hangry person.

Don’t forget your “moving day” bag

Your moving day bag can be a duffle bag, suitcase, backpack, shopping bag or even a shoe box. Think of the essentials you’ll need on moving day and the day after. Include things like toiletries, medications, extra clothes and phone chargers. Set aside a container of sanitizing wipes and a broom and dustpan for any last-minute cleaning needs. Having these basic supplies will help clean up unexpected things such as mud from the movers, spills from the fridge and more. Be sure to complete a deep clean too; leaving the house in good order for the new owners is good karma.

Make sure your phone is fully charged

You probably won’t have much time to drain your battery as you sit on your phone trying to solve the daily word on Wordle, but you still need to be conscious of having a full charge. We’re so dependent on our phones that we naturally go into panic mode when left with one bar. Maybe the movers are trying to contact you while enroute, or you need to let the babysitter know you’re running late. Save yourself unnecessary stress by keeping a full charge.

Don’t leave just yet

Do a last walk through the entire house. Remember that anything you leave behind might be difficult to get back. Check all closets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, inside your shower (you don’t want to forget your favourite leave-in), basement and garage.

There will always be challenges when it comes to moving days. Things won’t go as planned, but hopefully, these tips will help ensure you’ve covered your bases.

If you’re in the early stages and haven’t bought yet, we should chat –I have more tips to help you along the way!

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