July’s Home Maintenance Checklist

July Home Maintenance
Jennifer Goncalves

Jennifer Goncalves

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It’s July, and we are halfway through the year just like that. We’re sure you’re wondering the same thing we are … Where has the time gone?!

This is July’s Monthly Checklist – And today, we want to focus on the things around the house that tend to be neglected, are prone to fail, and leave you stranded.


The first thing you’ll want to do this month is to replace or clean all of the filters throughout the house. This can include anything and everything from your furnace filter, vacuum filter, water filter (including the one in your fridge), and range hood filter. You should ensure all of these filters are cleaned or replaced this month.


Test all of the shutoff valves in your water supply. Examples would be your toilets, sinks, vanity and kitchen, But most importantly, the main water supply shutoff to the house. If you ever find yourself stuck with a leak, the last thing you want is to have your main water supply seized.


Lastly, go out and get yourself some Quick Dry Graphite Lubricant and apply it to all the keyholes throughout the doors around the home. This can include your front door, side door and garage doors. You may be using Bluetooth entry, keyless pad entry and garage door openers, But if these ever fail, you’ll find yourself having to use keys, and if those locks are seized, you’ll be in trouble!

That’s it for this month’s checklist. Check back regularly for great tips and advice, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to ensure you don’t miss a video!

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