Insider Tips for First Time Home Buyers – Part 2|5

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Thanks for coming back to check out Part 2 of Insider Tips for First Time Homebuyers! Let’s get right into it.


Using the seller’s realtor is kind of like using your ex-spouse’s divorce lawyer to settle your litigation. It’s just not a good idea anytime. Period.  It would also make you wonder; Whose best interest does that realtor really have in mind? Is it the seller’s, who they have the legally binding contract with? Is it you as a buyer? OR, is it their own paycheque?

If you’re planning on buying a house, get out and start the process early. Find a realtor that you’re comfortable working with, and especially one that will represent you and your best interests.  If your Realtor has a house they have listed that you’re interested in, find out if they have a colleague that can assist either you or the seller with the offer process to ensure that there is some degree of separation.

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