Insider Tips for First Time Home Buyers – Part 1|5

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Insider Tips. Everyone wants them and we’re here to bring them to you! This is part one of five in our Insider Tips for First Time Home Buyers.


This is a HUGE rookie mistake. The purpose of staging is to make the space look amazing, connect with buyers, hopefully, get them to fall in love with the home and even pay more money for the property. The goal is to try to envision the space without it and look at the property as it actually is. But, don’t forget about your needs and your wants – things like location, room sizes or configuration of the layout for example. Those are all things that may be important to you today and in the future, so don’t overlook them by getting caught up in the pretty things that come with staging.

Sweet, simple and to the point.  Being able to see past the fancy furniture and décor is important; the opposite is too… look past dirty, smelly houses to see the guts of it … this is where you can often score a deal.

Check out PART TWO in this five-part series after you check out the video below.

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