How to Prepare Your Home to Sell

How to Prepare Your Home for Selling

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You want to sell your house, but you want to do so at the highest value possible. For this, naturally, you need a buyer. What do buyers really want in a home? How can you appeal to the widest range of buyers?

How to Get Your House Ready for Selling

Having a potential buyer walk through your house puts them in the mindset to imagine themselves living there. Which is what you want. To amplify this visualization, you need to make your home appear liveable, but not lived-in.

Here are a few simple renovations and upgrades that you can do that will give your home just that little bit extra to increase the wow-factor and set your home apart from the rest on the market.

Preparing the Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to start when it comes to your renovations. How many times have you been at a dinner party, or simply over at someone’s home for a visit and you rarely seem to leave the kitchen? The kitchen is the heart of a home, where meals and memories are made.

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However, it is paramount to match the kitchen’s quality to that of the rest of the house; you want everything to flow and have the same feeling as one makes his or her way through the home.

Renovating the Bathroom

The bathroom is the next step. There is nothing like a drab bathroom to bring down the visual value of a home. Renovating your bathroom will instantly brighten it and breathe in new life. It will immediately look cleaner and people will want to spend time in it – and they will. Once again, it is important to keep the quality of the bathroom on the same level as the rest of the house.

Painting Your Rooms

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to thoroughly rejuvenate a room or an entire house for that matter. A new coat of paint cleans everything up, covers up any markings, and instantly gives the space an air of newness. The question comes down to colours. Not every palette appeals to everyone who will be viewing your home.

When you give your home a paint job, the way to appeal to the broadest audience is to keep the colours neutral. A neutral palette is calming to the senses and for those potential buyers who crave a pop of colour, the neutral backdrop will allow them to better imagine those bolder colours.

Include the Extras

There are many simple items that you can include in the sale of your house to get potential buyers excited. Window coverings, light fixtures, and appliances may not seem like they make a big difference in leaving behind, but little add-ins like this can go a long way with the right buyer.

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If you want to go a step further, you can consider leaving behind furniture, especially if it’s unique to the home, such as bar stools that fit perfectly, or custom built benches that fit exactly right into a breakfast nook.

Clear the Clutter

Nothing turns a buyer away faster than a home full of clutter, messes and junk piles. Start with throwing away old mail and other trash then pack up things that are not necessary for everyday life. Having a home that is clean, clutter-free and organized invites a buyer to imagine their own personal belongings in the home.

Appeal to the “Lazy Buyer”

First-time homebuyers often focus on a home’s deficiencies, so you should too. Take away or fix anything you can before a buyer can question it. This can be as simple as having your home professionally deep cleaned or your carpets shampooed or painting walls. By fixing or upgrading your home you are showing the buyer that the house is “move-in ready,” which is really what all buyers want; a house that is ready for them to make their own in the shortest time possible.

Relocate Your Pets

Pets can be a huge distraction during the home selling process. Not only do buyer’s agents need special instructions on what to do with pets during showings which could take away from time with buyers, but pet odours or hair are often major turn-offs during a potential buyer’s first impression.

Hire a Great Realtor

It’s easy to consider selling your home without a Realtor in order to save some money. However, if you find a trusted reputable Realtor in your area who is familiar with the local housing market, he/she can likely sell your house at top dollar (and quicker!) than doing all the work to list and sell your home yourself.

Final Touches for Your Home

Finally, it’s all about the little touches. Akin to accessorizing an outfit, updating the electrical and plumbing fixtures of your home is like giving your home a mini facelift – instant modernization. This step takes an everyday staple, a kitchen or a bathroom, and improves how it looks. Small updates like this are what sticks out in people’s minds and incline them towards purchasing your house.

Showcasing your home will allow potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home. Before you show and sell, give your home those updates to make it special and liveable. Remember to keep the quality consistent throughout the home, keep the palette neutral, and put effort into the little touches.

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