Everything You Need to Know About Buying Pre-Construction – Part 6

Pre-Construction Real Estate Tips

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The moving day is over, and you live in your brand-new house. Today, we’ve got some tips on what to do once you’ve moved in.

Air Circulation

New homes are built to Energy Star certification levels, which means they are extremely efficient, saving energy and money and being good for the environment. It also means they lack airflow. You can remedy this by turning on your Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) or the fan in your furnace. Be mindful that the heat recovery ventilator will bring in humid air during the summer, counteracting your air conditioner’s efforts. Also, consider running some of your bathroom vents to increase air circulation. A combination of each will ensure more consistent temperatures and fresh air.

Basement Moisture

While most people are familiar with moisture problems in existing basements, it’s also very common in new builds. Basements tend to hold a lot of moisture due to the fresh concrete. It can take months or even years to settle and dry out. The best thing to do is run a dehumidifier at all times, at least for the first six months.

Since your basement will have moisture, you don’t want to store cardboard boxes directly on the floor. These boxes will absorb moisture, which can cause mildew or mould and possibly ruin whatever you’re storing. The best solution is to put your boxes on shelving rather than setting them on the floor.

On the conversation of basements, be mindful if you intend to finish the basement. If repairs require access to utility lines or the foundation during the warranty period, the builder may need to demolish areas to access things, and they will not repair it.  While the risk is low, and the enjoyment of a finished basement is high, it’s still a worthy thought. And, if you are considering finishing your basement and have ever wondered if you should get permits, we discuss it in an episode of KT Confidential.

Painting a New Construction Home

Many people think it’s better to wait until the end of the first year in the new home to paint because of nail pops and warranty claims, but you can paint immediately and enjoy it immediately. If you have nail pops, patch them, touch them up, and no one will ever know. Choose a good quality product. Builders’ paint is usually very cheap, gets dirty quickly, and is difficult (if not impossible) to clean.

Before you move your furniture in is the ideal time to paint. It makes prepping the area easier and ensures none of your belongings are damaged. Plus, an empty house is much faster and easier to paint. Don’t be one of those people who wait to paint until it’s time to sell. It’s much better to do it now and reap the benefits. Few things can so easily make your house feel like a home.

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