Elon Musk Heats up the Rural Real Estate Market

Elon Musk makes rural living a whole lot more glamorous and the market is heating up.
Elon Musk Starlink Rural Real Estate

Since mid-2020, as businesses allowed employees to work from home and business owners realized much of what they do could be done remotely,  options for calling home grew.  We saw (and continue to see) people trading up their cramped quarters in the city for sprawling acreage and big lots in the rural outskirts of surrounding suburbs.

If you no longer have to be in the office daily, the occasional trip doesn’t look so bad.  So, why not spend the majority of your time in a larger, peaceful rural setting, surrounded by nature?  I’ll tell you why not; terrible internet!

As we see the few inconveniences solved, the demand will continue to increase, likely at an unprecedented rate.

One of the first questions people ask when looking at rural properties surrounds services, primarily internet options.  Until now, the best speed you could get in many rural areas was around 10Mb/s download, far from enough to play your favourite online game while the kids stream Netflix, a camera monitors the front door and music streams from your favourite wi/fi speakers. Until now.

Starlink heats the real estate market

Elon Musk‘s company, Starlink, is building infrastructure to bring wireless internet to remote areas of the world where access is currently not available and improving the few options available in other areas, including rural markets around booming suburbs.  This is a game-changer; we see speeds 10X that of previous internet providers.

There are few inconveniences to rural living and many positives.  As we see the few inconveniences solved, the demand will continue to increase, likely at an unprecedented rate.  If you’re considering a move to a rural property, do it now.


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