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Do Staged Homes Sell for More Money?

By Robin Dasilva

During my initial conversation with a client regarding the sale of their home, many often ask, “Is staging worth it? Does it make that much of a difference?” The simple answer is yes; it makes a huge difference! Staging your home will set you apart from the competition.

staged homes sell an average of nine days faster.

Staging can potentially sell your home faster and for more money by presenting your home in the best possible way. During your staging consultation, you will be advised to declutter and depersonalize the house (including family photos). This will allow buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. Stagers will then select furniture and décor that best suit the space, often making the room feel larger than it is. Many staging companies will also use neutral décor to appeal to more buyers.


In 2020, the Real Estate Staging Association studied 13,000 staged homes; 85% of staged homes sold for 5%-25% over the listing price. The study also showed that staged homes sell an average of nine days faster.

This can make a massive difference to the final number you receive on the sale of your home. Do your research, and make sure you are selecting an accredited company. Ensure you get a detailed breakdown of the fees and what is included. Like our team, some realtors/teams will include staging in their prices. Consider that when selecting your realtor, as this could save you money.


Staging your home to get it ready for sale will put you ahead of the rest, and when you’re in the Real Estate market, that is exactly what you want!

Check out how we transformed this home into a magazine-worthy property!

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