Do This Before Selling

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To put up a fence or not to put up a fence … That is the question.

New homes purchased directly from the builder typically don’t include a fence.  So, do you put up a fence before you list your property for sale or leave it as is?

Things like this are seldom a deal breaker but will often be a tool for the buyer to negotiate or persuade them to consider a comparable property more seriously. Something like not having a fence may trigger something in the buyer’s mind that thinks, “Hey, this home is not move-in ready, and we can negotiate a lower price, because it doesn’t have that fence.” Buyers with children and pets, especially, might consider this home not move-in ready and then use it as a negotiating tool.

So, our answer – Absolutely. It’s a good idea to have that fence completed. You don’t need to go overboard. Don’t install a cedar fence or something fancy, keep it simple and to what somebody would find in similar homes. You’ll get that money back in resale, and you’ll appeal to more buyers, as well.

The only thing to keep in mind with a newer home, depending on how old it actually is, in the early years of a new home, the builder may need to come in to correct any grading issues and a fence could cause challenges if this work requires bringing in heavy equipment. You should check with them first to make sure that everything’s fine, and they don’t need to bring any machinery in to correct the grading.

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