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Jennifer Goncalves

Jennifer Goncalves

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In episode 157 of KT Quick Tips, we discussed 3 tips for what you need to do to your new home before moving in. Check them out and the video below!


Tip number one is for the safety and security of you, your home and your family. You want make sure that you’re rekeying locks and resetting keypad entry and garage door openers.  Also, make sure that you’re resetting your garage door opener to delete any existing remotes that may be connected. This typically involves pressing and holding a button on the actual device until it blinks a few times –check out the manufacturer’s website for actual instructions.


Tip number two is to have all of the HVAC components serviced, especially your furnace and A/C – This will ensure that they last longer with fewer issues. You’ll also want to get the ducts cleaned before moving in. You never know what kind dust, dander or dog fur, etc. exist in the ductwork. Get it done before you move in to ensure there’s no dust kicking around while you’re there.


Tip number three is to get your carpet professionally cleaned before moving all of your furniture in. A lot of dust and animal fur gets trapped in the carpets so it’s good to do it well before you move into the home. And, if you are selling a home also, make sure that you’re closing a few days later to give you a little bit of time to get that stuff done.

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