Death of the Open House

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Gone are the days of traditional open houses.

In the early days of the COVID pandemic, we recognized the risk and concern surrounding open houses. Unqualified, unrepresented strangers entering our clients’ houses had become unsettling and unnecessary. We saw an opportunity to adapt and improve our business. In early March of 2020, we stopped public open houses. This was well before local real estate boards, and municipalities restricted them.

As the real estate industry and the world evolve, we alter and add to our services and best practices to stay ahead.  In the case of open houses, we recognize the value of allowing visitors into the home. Still, given the risks involved and the technology available, simply put, they’re not worth it.

… we’ve sold listings to people who’ve never visited person!

Between photos, videos, 3D virtual walkthroughs, 2D floorplans, and now a live virtual open house (via facebook), buyers of real estate listed by KT can easily determine their probability of liking a property. Not to mention, we’ve sold listings to people who’ve never visited in person!

Virtual Open House Best Practice

Our best practice now involves hosting a live video online the same day the house hits the public market.  This is an effective day because we’ve generated a lot of hype around the home through social media and paid advertisements. It also allows people to view it the moment it’s available. There’s no more waiting for the weekend.

The Virtual Open House Results

These virtual open houses have been exceptionally well received. With often over 100 viewers during a live video and plenty of engagement and subsequent inquiries from viewers, they’re a constant success.  We receive more visitors and better engagement than we’d ever get via public open houses, all without the concerns of germs, theft and strangers.

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