Navigating the Challenges of a Working Parent

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Being a Working Parent

Being a parent is rewarding, fun, and can bring great joy to your life. But, let’s be realistic; it’s also tiring, frightening and overwhelming. Now, throw clients, meetings, and a work schedule into the mix, and it can become a whirlwind of craziness.

Take a step back.

Perhaps you had your life planned out, and you decided to begin your career first and then start a family; or maybe, like me, you flipped that around and found yourself two kids in and back in school –to be a Realtor, in my case. Not to mention, we got hit with a global pandemic. I juggled homeschooling and studying for my real estate exams, all while being a mother and a wife. There will be setbacks no matter which path you choose –or which one chooses you.

You need to continue along your path. I was blessed with my first child 10 years ago, during those years, I collected insight through my experiences that may help you get through some of those speed bumps.

Give yourself, and your children grace during stressful times

Tell yourself or your children, whoever needs to hear it at the moment, that their feelings are valid and it is ok to be feeling those things right now. Allow yourself to feel those emotions and deal with them at the moment, don’t push them down because you cannot expect them to stay buried forever.

Prepare things in advance when you can

There is nothing worse than a hectic morning, screaming at your kids to get dressed, scrambling to make a healthy lunch for the kids when you are supposed to be out the door in 5 minutes. Why are you doing it to yourself? Get into the routine of making lunches the night before, get your kids involved, have them pick their snacks and fill up their water bottles. Set out clothes, shoes, jackets, backpack. Prep as much as you can the night before to avoid those chaotic scenes. You will thank me later!

Have a backup plan

I’m sure there has been a time, or a few, when something comes up right at school pickup time, there you are scrambling to see who’s available to get them. Find 2 or 3 people you can rely on when you need an extra hand. Whether that’s your family, a neighbour, or a friend, have those people on call should you need them.


No matter how much you think you have things under control, no matter how much prep work you do or schedules or plans you make, there will be a time when things just don’t work out. There are going to be times when you feel overwhelmed like you can’t do it anymore, and I have two words for those situations, “just breathe”. Find a quiet spot, allow your mind to calm and JUST BREATHE. It works, trust me I have used it a few times. It will not solve the problem however, it will put you in a better place to problem solve.

Let’s face it, you’re never going to be a perfect parent with a perfect career, you’re going to make mistakes or have shortcomings and that’s ok. Try your best, love your kids, celebrate your accomplishments and don’t be too hard on yourself!

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