August’s Home Maintenance Checklist


2 minute-read This is the August Home Maintenance Checklist – We’re about half-way through the summer, here’s some great tips to take advantage of! LAWN CARE The first thing to take care within the month of August is your lawn. With the excessive heat and dry weather, you may notice your grass turning brown. If this is […]

June’s Monthly Home Checklist

< 1 minute-read It’s June and we’ve got warm weather, sunlight and what we’ve all been waiting for .. SUMMER! Summer is a time we all like to enjoy and to make sure you can appreciate all that it has to offer, here are some tips to get you on your way. WINDOWS Let the sun shine through […]

April’s Monthly Checklist

2 minute-read It’s April and that means the sun is out, it’s warming up, snow is melting and it’s the perfect time to tackle a few more things on your Home Maintenance Checklist!  Here is what we suggest doing around the house in April GREEN GRASS To ensure that you set yourself up to have one of the […]