Building an In-House Media Department

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It wasn’t long ago when using a mobile phone with a dirty lens was the norm for producing photos and video for real estate listings (the latter, less likely). Today the average REALTOR® hires a third-party company to assist –a move in the right direction!

Although the industry is progressing, hiring a third party does come with disadvantages; firstly, you’re working on their schedule; and secondly, they usually have a standard format and process.  The downside to the first is the obvious challenge of scheduling conflicts and getting your home on the market at the right time. The latter often results in missing the opportunity to showcase unique features and characteristics of a property.

The Benefits to an In-House Media Department

Taking the media department in-house enables us to create personalized marketing for each house we list for sale.  We put thoughtful consideration into the key selling points of a property, the likely demographic of buyers, and a campaign focused on showcasing those features and appealing to those buyers.

We’re able to provide a higher level of service to real estate investors with properties to lease too.  Due to the limited budget with lease listings, hiring a professional is often not feasible.  However, we’re able to produce professional photos that can then be virtually staged to ensure our rental properties are showcased at their best.

Having an in-house media department has expedited the process of preparing a home.  Even with our long list of features and services, we’ve been able to build an efficient system of processes and procedures that pump out gorgeous properties, garners tons of attention and sell and lease for top dollar, all within a short period of time.

Building a Media Department

. . . a full-time, in-house videographer with the vision of a full-blown media department was our goal.

As with any worthwhile endeavour, it’s time-consuming and expensive.  If you’re starting, consider utilizing services like Fiverr and UpWork to hire freelance editors.  Provide them with the raw footage to compile your masterpiece.  If you’re not able to shoot the footage, Indeed will help connect you with local talent to handle that too.

For us, a full-time, in-house videographer with the vision of a full-blown media department was our goal. We started by hiring one videographer, then another, then another.  We found the right people through trial and error, established a great process, and continued developing a finely tuned machine that showcases our clients’ properties at their best and simultaneously assists in creating Social content to tell the world about the KT brand.

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