April’s Monthly Checklist

Jennifer Goncalves

Jennifer Goncalves

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It’s April and that means the sun is out, it’s warming up, snow is melting and it’s the perfect time to tackle a few more things on your Home Maintenance Checklist!  Here is what we suggest doing around the house in April


To ensure that you set yourself up to have one of the nicest lawns around, make sure that you’re keeping off of it during the thaw of Spring. The grass has been in a dormant state for the last 6 months; between that, excessive rain and melting snow, the grass is very sensitive.  Walking on the grass this time of year will easily damage the roots, making it a tough start to the season for your lawn.  Also, keep an eye on your dog who may have a tenancy to dig!  The grass will come up in chunks right now, avoid letting pets on the grass until things dry up.


Over the course of the fall and winter, leaves, blowing debris and garbage may have found its way into your window wells, restricting drainage.  Take a walk around your house and clean out your window wells before we get more rain.


All too often we show houses to clients and find that the oven has NEVER been cleaned.  This often neglected task will ensure that your oven isn’t smoking you out and, when it comes time to sell your house, picky buyers who see a clean oven will assume the homeowner has gone the extra mile to maintain the property.  A filthy oven often results in buyers accounting for having to replace the appliance –no need to give them reasons to negotiate!

And there you have it. Clean out your oven, check your window wells and don’t walk on that lawn. It’s pretty simple.

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