10 Ways to Support Local Businesses

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We all know that the pandemic years were difficult for everyone, and I doubt you can find one person who will say they were not affected in one way, shape or form. One of the hardest hit groups of people is your local small businesses. When the world shut down, most of these places did too. Many people turned to online alternatives to purchase and deliver products. Now that the world has “returned to normal,” we should help those people and businesses. It’s not just about returning to the stores; there are many other ways to support them, such as ordering directly instead of using third-party delivery services, such as UberEats.

When the stores closed, the employees couldn’t work, make sure to help them out too. The general rule is 15%; make it 20-25% if they’re deserving!

  1. Be Patient – With staff shortages, new employees and even inventory issues; there may be delays; take it in stride and be patient.
  2. Buy Gift Cards – Everyone loves receiving gift card, and businesses love it when you purchase them.
  3. Do more than just like and follow – Comment and share their posts, and make your friends want to support them too.
  4. Choose local grocery stores over big box stores.
  5. Too busy? – Outsource some of your daily tasks, including house cleaning, dog walking, gardening and lawn care, etc.
  6. Order takeout or visit a restaurant once a week.
  7. Leave online reviews.
  8. Tell your friends about your great experience, so they are likelier to try them out too.
  9. Follow local businesses on Social

We all went through it and are on the other side; now, let’s work together to help those in need. We might lose some of our favourite local places if we don’t.

Let us know what your favourite way to support local businesses is.


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