You Get What You Pay For (feat. Steve Cecchetto)

Looking to buy or sell a property? Hold your horses! Before you take the plunge, watch this informative video to learn the importance of hiring a high-quality realtor. Join Ariel Kormendy and Steve Cecchetto as they delve into real-life stories of unsuspecting clients who fell victim to the works of unprofessional real estate agents. From misleading information to costly mistakes, we reveal the expensive consequences of making the wrong choice. Watch Episode 247 now to arm yourself with knowledge and navigate the real estate market with confidence!


0:17 – Intro
0:50 – KT Commercial
5:38 – Refreshing your listing photos will significantly help with the sale of the property
7:30 – As the real estate agent, do your research and be transparent with your client
14:02 – Being a real estate agent comes with many expenses
16:23 – Be proactive
18:38 – Going above and beyond in your marketing strategy will help
20:01 – Cutting back on your realtor fees does NOT save you money
27:26 – Never have the same agent as the other party


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