Essential Tips for Homeowners with Pets

Are you a proud homeowner and a loving pet parent? If so, this video is a must-watch! In today’s podcast, we are joined by Ariel Kormendy, Steve Cecchetto, Jennifer Goncalves, and Tiffany Kadak. They’ve gathered a wealth of valuable advice to help you create a happy, harmonious living environment for both you and your furry family members. Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or just starting out, we understand that maintaining a pet-friendly home can sometimes be a challenge. From keeping your space clean and organized to selling a house that is home to a pet, this video covers it all.


0:17 – Intro
2:48 – The best things about having a dog
7:52 – Keep Norwex cloths and microfibre towels handy
13:07 – Staying on top of your cleaning
15:12 – Shock/vibrate collars can help with training your dog
17:16 – Consider having laminate, vinyl, or tiled floors to prevent water damage
23:26 – invest in a good vacuum that is for picking up pet hair
24:45 – Paint touch-ups for small scratches
25:50 – Letting fresh air into your home to de-stink the space
26:41 – Inform your guests that there is a pet in your home
32:26 – You get desensitized to your house’s scent
35:49 – Smells stick to fabric and upholstery
36:46 – Owning a pet can de-value your home’s value
39:31 – Dealing with your pet’s poop
46:23 – Do not leave a trace of any signs of owning a pet
47:52 – Plug-in scents can be overpowering
49:39 – Keep your pets out of your listing photos and videos
51:48 – Outro/recap


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