The BEST New Years Resolutions for REALTORS

Having an action plan is key to achieving your New Years’ Resolutions. Although this makes it easier to follow through with your goals, it can still be challenging. Episode 216 will help you stick to your goals and promises as Adrian and Ariel give the New Years’ Resolutions that SHOULD be at the top of your list to maximize your personal and/or professional growth. From improving your eating habits to having psychological resilience, and everything in between, listen to today’s podcast to learn more!


0:17 – Intro
4:01 – New Years’ Resolution v.s. goal
6:00 – Developing healthy eating habits and routine
7:13 – Sticking to your schedule
10:06 – Keeping a hydrated body and filled-up stomach
11:21 – Holding yourself accountable
14:36 – Maximize your productivity
17:20 – Writing down your thoughts and schedule
19:40 – Moving at your own pace/understanding yourself
20:38 – Being present in the moment (work hard, play hard)
22:48 – Utilizing your voicemail and auto-responder
25:33 – Have a complete day-off
26:43 – Taking chances and opportunities
28:45 – Getting together and eating with clients
33:36 – Outro/recap


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After successful careers in the automotive industry, entrepreneurs Ariel Kormendy and Adrian Trott decided to inject their passion for growing a brand and providing unrivalled service into the real estate industry. Kicking off their careers in 2011, they quickly became a top-performing team in Canada. Originally a team of two real estate agents in Milton, The KT Team quickly grew to a large team of exceptional REALTORS®, an administrative department and an in-house media department, taking their proven processes and unique services across most of the Golden Horseshoe. Follow them on social for behind-the-scenes footage, real estate tips, industry secrets and more.

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