Sleep Training & Managing Kids When Moving w/ Jamie Contarini from Goodnight Sleep Site Halton

Selling your property with children in the house can be challenging. The inconvenience of accommodating showings at all hours and on short notice will often interfere with meals, family events and nap and bedtime. However, declining a showing because of the inconvenient timing can be detrimental to the sale of your house too. Today we discuss how to handle the selling process with children in the house with Jamie Contarini from Good Night Sleep Site Halton. Jamie offers great tips on how to plan and handle your kids during the process.

Jamie Contarini from Good Night Sleep Site Halton is a sleep consultant who can offer help to create and manage yours and your kids’ sleeping habits. From getting a crying baby to be less dependant to not having to cuddle your kids for hours to get them to sleep, Jamie will help establish easier, healthier routines for you and your family to get everybody on track with great sleep.

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