On this podcast, episode 149, Adrian and Ariel talk about how you should sell your Tenanted property. With the Residential tenancy act, the process of selling your home could be difficult due to the fact that everything in this act is geared towards protecting that tenant.

Having a positive relationship with your tenants, or allowing your real estate agent to do so, can go a long way toward assisting in the selling of your property. De-cluttering and prepping the unit for sale will be easier if the tenants are happy. The way a home is displayed and staged can have an impact on the price it sells for and how long it takes to sell.

Selling an empty property is significantly more favourable than selling a tenanted property, based on our own personal experience selling homes. When selling a tenanted property in Ontario, you must promote it with the majority of the tenant’s personal items – fingers crossed that your tenants have decent taste. Some tenants will be accommodating and allow you to add some staging items, but you’ll have to work with what they have. Not to mention arranging with your tenants in the hopes that they will keep the property in decent condition during showings.

In some circumstances, you may want to consider giving your tenants a bonus month’s rent in exchange for moving out early and offering to assist them in finding a new rental. Knowing that they would most likely need to move in 60 days once the property sells, the bonus month’s rent will assist them cover moving costs and provide them some extra cash to put toward their next home.

All of that and more on KT Confidential – Real Estate Podcast.


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Episode Breakdown:

00:00 – Intro
0:57 – KT Apparel
4:07 – What to do when you want to sell your home with tenants
6:24 – Town of Milton owning your grass
8:40 – Negotiating with your tenant
9:55 – When selling, you must pay your tenants 1st month
11:17 – Money talks
14:37 – Tenants perspective
16:33 – How Adrian would approach this.
17:44 – Fluff staging vs Proper Staging
19:53 – Selling the home with the Tenant
22:14 – Ariels quick tip
23:00 – Outro


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The founders, Ariel Kormendy and Adrian Trott, started The Kormendy Trott Team, a real estate team based out of Halton region in Ontario, after both being in need of a change from their successful careers in the automotive industry and both experiencing the lack of service being provided in the real estate industry. They kicked off their careers in 2011 and quickly became a top-performing team in the country, ranking 17th of approximately 200 for Century 21 in 2017; as a team of just the two of them compared to much larger teams. They decided that they needed to take their team from being real estate agents in Milton to the rest of the GTA and beyond by expanding and servicing more areas. The team has since grown to have an administrative arm, media department and successful sales team operating a smooth running and successful business.

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